Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two, Out Of Eight, In Focus!

Library of Congress 

Can you imagine trying to photograph a whole litter of puppies?  Bloodhound pups seem to be able to give you "that look" starting real young!   Almost 3 in focus...

Summer: The Good Life

This photo makes me relax...

This is a porch from my dreams I think.  I can feel the narrow painted floorboards on my bare feet. The gritty warmth of the granite steps as I walk under the wisteria into the yard...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mom Made One of Us Dress Up....

Library of Congress photo

How can you feel good when you can't get mussed up?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wanna Play!??

What a good dog!  

It is funny how animals don't pay attention to size much.  
People get all bent out of shape about a half inch in height sometimes.

Monday, July 14, 2014

1920: Laddie Boy and His Friend, Warren Harding

Laddie Boy handled his fame with panache!
I didn't know if a celebrity dog would fit in this blog.  
Then I thought, of course he would if he is a good dog! 
And Laddie Boy certainly was.

I was attracted to these photos because my grandmother had a much beloved dog named Laddie. This posting is a bit more "talky" than most...but I like looking things up and then sharing!
Laddie was really an important  part of President Harding's and his family's life.

During their time in the White House, from 1921 to 1923, the Hardings included their dog in almost every aspect of their daily lives. When Harding golfed with friends, Laddie Boy tagged along. During cabinet meetings, the dog sat in (perched on his own chair). At fundraising events, the first lady frequently had Laddie Boy make appearances. The dog was such a prominent White House personality that the Washington Star and the New York Times seemed to run stories about the terrier almost daily in the months after Harding took office. In a 39-day period in the spring of 1921, these are just some of the headlines that appeared in the Times:
"Gets Airedale as Mascot"
"Laddie Boy a Newsboy"
"Trees White House Cat" 
"Laddie Boy Gets Playmate"
Born on July 26, 1920, at the Caswell Kennels in Toledo, Ohio, Laddie Boy was 6 months old when he arrived at the White House on March 5, 1921, the day after Harding's inauguration. A sitting U.S. senator from Marion, Ohio, Harding had won the 1920 presidential election with 60 percent of the popular vote. Harding, who had brought his relaxed and informal work style to the presidency, instructed his staff to bring Laddie Boy to him as soon as he was delivered to the White House. The staff obeyed, interrupting Harding's first cabinet meeting to unveil the terrier. "With many manifestations of pleasure, the President led his new pet into his office, where he made himself at home," wrote a Times reporter on March 5.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Really Little Dog, Really Big Expectations!

The invention of the refrigerator, or in this case the ice box, created this classic scene!

The magic door has opened...the place where yummy things come from...the belief that intense concentration makes things drop from the sky...

I don't know the story here, it is a Library of Congress photo with no information with it.  But it is remarkable use of space!  It looks like the closet and the opposite wall with a pop up table seems to furnish the needed work surface.   The pup certainly matches the small size of everything.
You can spot what looks like a carpet sweeper tucked in the closer next to the ice box (if this photo will display full size...maybe drag it onto your desktop?).